About Us

Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy focuses on a thorough patient evaluation to determine the patient's individual physical therapy needs.

All treatment is provided by licensed practitioners (PT/PT Assistant) and our goal is to develop a clinical relationship with the patient.

By establishing a trusting relationship with the patient we are more successful in teaching the patient strategies of health management and higher home exercise compliance, all leading to quicker goal achievement.

Creating a long term professional relationship with the patient for their physical health management is Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy's goal.

Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy is equipped with a highly adaptable gym to suit a variety of rehabilitation needs.

Additional services offered at Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy beyond Physical Therapy Rehabilitation include:

  • Massage Therapy performed by a Certified Massage Therapist.
  • Post Rehabilitation Gym Program Setup: This program is established to assist in the proper maintenance of rehabilitation goals achieved and to improve the overall health and fitness of the patient. All programs are established and instructed by a licensed Physical Therapist.
  • Medical Bike Fit: This special program provided in-office allows the Physical Therapist to analyze the anatomical and multi-joint positions of the cyclist (Road or Mountain Bike) for optimal performance, prevention of injury, and reduction of musculoskeletal stress.

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