Medical Bike Fit!!!

Nicholas Nosek, owner of Nosek & Associates Physical Therapy and staff physical therapist, is an avid mountain biker. Since his first day of cycling, Nicholas has been interested in enhancing performance, increasing speed, improving efficiency, and maximizing comfort. Many of his cycling patients and riding friends expressed discomfort while cycling and most had inappropriately set-up bicycles (road and/or mountain). As a result, Nicholas found it necessary to offer his cycling knowledge and physical therapy education to specialize in Medical Bike Fitting.

For a cyclist with a history of or current musculoskeletal dysfunction or a cyclist that wants to maximize performance, Medical Bike Fit is the solution.

Advantages of the individualized Medical Bike Fit:

  • It is a low cost solution to nagging aches and pains that can simply be achieved through cockpit and power plant adjustment.
  • It is performed in-office by a licensed physical therapist that has extensive history in bicycle fitting and thorough knowledge in anatomy and physics (necessary concepts for proper bike fitting).
  • A proper bike fit will improve your power output, cycling control, comfort, and overall performance!!
  • A proper bike fit will minimize and/or eliminate musculoskeletal and joint stress.
  • Cycling should not repetitively make a person sore if he or she rides two or more times a week with a properly adjusted bicycle.

"If we can get you cycling more often and
in less discomfort, then our goal is achieved."

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*Medical Bike Fit is not a covered service by insurance.

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